Fluorite gemstone meaning – tumbled fluorite




Tumbled Green Fluorite
approx. 3/4″


Fluorite Cleavage

Fluorite Cleavage
approx. 1/2″

Octahedral Fluorite Cleavage

Cleavage is exhibited on minerals of the isometric crystal system that are crystallized as octahedrons (8 sides or faces). In this method of cleavage, flat, triangular “wedges” peel off of an existing octahedron.



Tumbled Yttriam Fluorite
approx. 3/4″

Yttiam Fluorite

is very pale lavender or green. It helps with the ability to understand relationships from a more objective point of view, increased wealth and promotes self-confidence.

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Multi colored, blue, purple green or yellow


Power, Healing

Rainbow Fluorite beads

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More Fluorite:

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Fluorite Jewelry

Fluorite Sphere

Fluorite Cluster

Blue Fluorite Palm Stone
1 1/2″ $11.00

Green Fluorite Palm Stone
1 1/2″ $4.50

Fluorite Palm Stone
flat polished stone approx. 1 1/2″

Polished Slab large 2-3″ $15.50

Fluorite Polished Slab
approx. 1 1/2″ or 3″
See XL slabs below!


Polished Freeform Green Fluorite

Polished Free Form
Green Fluorite

approx. 1.5″ – 2.5″; shape and color vary, each is unique

Fluorite Gemstone meaning

Formerly called fluorspar, fluorite has a wide range of colors including yellow, blue, pink purple and green. It is an interesting and beautiful stone because often more than one color occurs in a single stone. The ancient Egyptians used flourite to carve statues and scarabs, the Chinese have used it in carvings for over 300 years. In the 18th century, fluorite was powdered in water to relieve the symptoms of kidney disease.

Fluorite is said to absorb and neutralize negative vibrations. It makes one more receptive to the vibrations of other stones. Fluorite should be kept in every room of the home. Fluorite is known as the “Genius Stone”.

  • increases concentration
  • helps in decision-making

Healing properties of Fluorite

Fluorite may be used with other stones. It helps to open the way for the power of other stones to be effective. It can be used as a meditation stone to help energize the body and raise the power of concentration.

Healers use it to help with ulcers as well as the respiratory tract by stimulating cell regeneration in these areas. It fortifies bones, improves arthritic or other joint ailments. It can be laid directly on the body.

Yellow Fluorite

Yellow Fluorite enhances the intellect and magnifies mental powers.

Sources of Fluorite

Locations where fluorite is found include Canada, USA, South Africa, Thailand, Peru, Mexico, China, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Norway, England, and Germany.

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