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      Merlinite gemstone meaning

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Merlinite Tumbled
approx. 1.5-2"

Rough Merlinite
one stone, approx. 1.5-2"

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48 hours

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Black Psilomelane in White Quartz


Storm Element


Third Eye, Solar Plexus


Magic, intuition, personal power

Use Merlinite with:


APPROX. 1" - 2"

Merlinite Mini Palmstone
approx. 1-2"

Merlinite Gemstone

Merlinite is a combination of quartz and psilomelane found only in New Mexico, USA. It is named for its metaphyical qualities.

Merlinite is a storm element stone that connects with all the elements.

Merlinite is used to:

  • Open the doors to communication with the deceased
  • Learn magic
  • Develop past life recall
  • Use in shamanic work, magic rituals and healing
  • Achieve balance between light and dark

Healers use Merlinite to invoke the storm element in moving energy fields.

No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.