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The Uses of Gemstone Wands

Magic or Message Wands have been used since ancient times to increase the power of spells. The pointed end of each wand directs the spell energy. The wand is a powerful addition to have on your altar. Wands can be wrapped in silver or copper wire with other gemstones to personalize it.

Gemstone wands are also very good to use as a meditation tool. Wands are almost always used in healing.

Your Personal Gemstone Wand

Wands are carved from many gemstones. The gemstone is carved rounded or with several flat sides. A wand can be any length and width. The size of the wand is a personal choice. The choice of gemstone is very personal also. It is best to have several wands, and then you can have a wand for different types of spells.

A personal power wand should be the first wand to have. The personal power wand should be carved from a gemstone that has a special meaning to you. The gemstone may be your power birthstone or any stone that has a personal connection to you. The personal power wand is often adorned with other gem stones. The best way to attach gemstones to a wand is with silver wire. When faceted stones are used, they can be glued to the wand. The wand is a required item in many rituals and the wand always adds power to any spell by keeping it on the altar with the point pointing south.

Wrapping your wand with gemstones

The wand can be wrapped in brass wire or silver wire and other gemstones. Using different gemstones and crystals can change the energy (and purpose) of the wand.

There are many types of personal power wands that you can create by studying the meanings of gemstones and combining these to come up with a wand that is personal and powerful for you.

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