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      Summer Solstice Love Stones

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Summer Solstice

Love gemstones

Summer Solstice Spell
Love Blessings

Items needed:

  • Rose petals
  • Rose quartz stone (*or rose quartz pendant)
  • Crystal quartz
  • Blue quartz
  • Emerald
  • Jade
  • Garnet
  • Chalcedony
  • Bag

  1. This Summer Solstice ritual may be done on any full moon, but is the strongest done on the June full moon. (June 22 in 2005)
  2. This is best done out of doors, but may be done indoors.
  3. Bathe before doing this ritual. Add summer flowers to your ritual bath, anointing yourself with oils of these flowers before the ritual.
  4. Clean stones according to the directions included with the kit, or your preferred method of stone cleansing.
  5. Clean your altar or a large stone outside. Cover your altar with a red or orange cloth to honor the sun. Add some daisy blossoms to your altar. The daisy gets it name from day's-eye because it turns to follow the sun in its path. Use gold, yellow or red candles to represent divine Fire.
  6. Sprinkle the rose petals on the altar (the petals of 1 or 3 roses)
  7. Place the crystal quartz, blue quartz, emerald, jade, garnet and chalcedony in a circle on the altar.
  8. Place the rose quartz in the middle of the circle. *For a variation on this ritual, use a rose quartz pendant that you can later wear to attract love all around you.

Love Stones for Summer Solstice

Includes Rose Quartz, Crystal, Blue Quartz, Emerald, Jade, Garnet, Chalcedony and pouch


Rose Quartz Pendant

Love Stone Pouch
Personal Love Reading
(see details)


The Ritual

Pick up crystal quartz in your left hand and say:
May I give and receive love as pure as new snow

Put the crystal quartz back and pick up the blue quartz with your left hand and say:
May I give and receive love as peaceful as calm water

Put the blue quartz back and pick up the jade with your left hand and say:
May I give and receive love as warm as sunlight

Put the jade back and pick up the emerald with your left hand and say:
May I give and receive love as strong as the oak tree

Put the emerald back and pick up the garnet with your left hand and say:
May I give and receive love as bright as fire

Put the garnet back and pick up the chalcedony with your left hand and say:
May I be open to love and may my love protect my loved one

Put the chalcedony back and pick up the rose quartz with your left hand and say:
May I always be filled with love as I fill my lover with love

Kiss the rose quartz 3 times and gather all the stones with a few of the rose petals and say:
My love is strong and surrounds all I do
I will always have all the love I need
Love is part of everything I do

Hold the stones and rose petals in your hands and know that love is with you.
Shake the stones 3 times and then put them and a few rose petals in the bag.

If you have done the ritual inside gather the rose petals and sprinkle them outside so the breeze can multiply your love.

Every full moon take the stones out of the bag and hold them. If you performed the spell with a rose quartz pendant, wear it throughout the month rather than place it in the bag with the other stones.

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