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Jasper Healing Wand

Protect yourself from harm with jasper.

Jasper is an earthy, solid grounding stone. It encourages practicality and skillful application in a realistic way. One if its main energies is repair and healing of matters that are physical. Jasper can help you pursue and achieve your goals.

Use a jasper healing wand to give yourself a grounding base for your emotional energy.

Jasper is associated with the root (base) chakra. This chakra is the closest energy to earth and links us to the planet itself. An imbalanced base chakra can manifest as a build up of strong emotions, denial of these emotions, anger, selfishness, or lack of emotional responses that are necessary for personal survival.

Try this exercise: With your feet firmly on the ground, hold the wand in your hand pointing downward. While breathing out, visualize deep roots extending out from your contact place with the ground. While breathing in, visualize the sustaining energy of the earth flowing in through your whole body.

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