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Strong Sun Moon: Jun 21 – Jul 21

Jun 21 – Jul 21

  • Birth Moon: Strong Sun
  • Animal Totem: Woodpecker
  • Mineral Totem: Rose Quartz
  • Plant Totem: Wild Rose
  • Directional Totem: Coyote
  • Elemental Clan Totem: Frog
  • Affinity Color: Pink
  • Personality Traits: emotional, sensitive, sympathetic, protective, vulnerable, imaginative, loving, thrifty, kind, considerate

Coyote totem

Frog totem

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz


To Native Americans, the rhythmic pecking of the woodpecker reminded them of the sound of the shaman’s drum. The people who have Woodpecker as a totem also tend to be musically inclined. The Natives saw that the woodpecker not only did its pecking out of necessity in the search for food, but that they also pecked for the sheer joy of it. Woodpecker, then, as a totem can teach people how to feel and express joy.

Woodpeckers take great care with building their nest and raising their young, and so too do those with this totem. Woodpecker people find their greatest joy in building a comfortable, harmonious, and happy home for themselves and their children. They are usually excellent parents, and sometimes have difficulty with letting go of their children when it is time for them to leave the nest.

Close relationships are important to Woodpecker people, and they can become very unhappy or even bitter if they do not have someone towards whom to direct their love, energy, and devotion.

Rose Quartz:

The totem mineral for the Strong Sun Moon is Rose Quartz, also known as the Love Stone. As a love stone, rose quartz is excellent at promoting love in all its forms, not only the love that can be experienced between two people, but also the love between friends and especially among family.

It helps to strengthen family bonds, especially between parents and their children. Woodpecker people have very strong family relationships, and are usually willing to make sacrifices for the happiness of their children. Rose quartz works on the heart chakra, and therefore, is a strong emotional healer, helping to release the sorrows, fears, trauma, anger, and resentments that burden the heart.

Woodpecker people are naturally good at handling emergency situations, intuitively knowing what to do and what is needed in order to deal with such situations. Rose quartz is a helpful support in times of crisis, and so it is a good stone to carry with you.

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