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Ducks Fly Moon: Sep 22 – Oct 22

Sep 22 – Oct 22

  • Birth Moon: Ducks Fly
  • Animal Totem: Raven
  • Mineral Totem: Jasper (Bloodstone)
  • Plant Totem: Mullein
  • Directional Totem: Grizzly Bear
  • Elemental Clan Totem: Butterfly
  • Affinity Color: Brown
  • Personality Traits: tolerant, talkative, pleasant, idealistic, diplomatic, cheerful, fun, artistic, tidy, efficient, easy-going, tactful

Bear totem

Butterfly totem



Ravens and crows like to be together in numbers. They travel together, eat together, and live together. Raven people have this trait as well, preferring the company of others to being alone and on their own. They feel the happiest and most secure when they are with others. They work best when they are in a group, and are extremely loyal to any group that they are a part of, and like the Raven, they are always ready to defend it when necessary.

Like the birds, these people are often cautious and wary which may make it difficult for them to make decisions. They are often indecisive and slow to make up their minds, preferring instead to remain neutral rather than to choose one side or one thing over another. However, once they have made a decision, they will act on it with conviction.

Since ancient times, the Raven and Crow have been associated with magick and mystery, and have been regarded as the guardian of secrets. Almost like magic, Raven people often have an uncanny ability to turn their wants and desires into realities. They are also usually very good at being discreet and keeping secrets.

Jasper (Bloodstone):

The mineral totem for the Ducks Fly Moon is jasper, particularly bloodstone jasper. Among the many purported abilities of bloodstone includes stopping bleeding, making its wearer invisible, restoring lost eyesight, ensuring a long life, bringing rain, and drawing poison from a snake bite.

Bloodstone is a grounding stone that harmonizes one with the Earth’s energies and helps one to find balance in their life.

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