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      Agate Slice

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Agate Properties
Totem Meanings

Agate Slice Art - Wall and Window Sculptures

These unique slices of natural agate can be hung on a wall or window, or displayed on a stand. Each one is hand-crafted and includes an acrylic stand. Trees and forests are made with soldered wire, pewter animals add the totem symbol. Agate is one of the oldest recorded stones. Some properties attributed to agate are:

  • Encourages spiritual maturity and growth
  • Increases your inner vision
  • Give protection, security and safety
  • Dissolves inner tensions
  • Strengthens rational thought

Each is one of a kind - you will receive the agate slice in the photo.

  • Bear - Strength
  • Bee - Diligence, Prosperity
  • Buffalo - Abundance
  • Butterfly - Transformation
  • Eagle - Freedom
  • Fairy - Blessings
  • Horse - Personal Power
  • Hummingbird - Joy
  • Owl - Magic
  • Raven - Rebirth
  • Rabbit - Love
  • Wolf - Wild Spirit

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tree of life sculpture
Well Life Chakra Tree on Apophyllite Cluster


agate slice
Painted Raven on Feather


agate slice
Soaring Eagle with Gemstones


agate slice
Fairy Gathering
with minerals


No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.