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      Angelite (Anhydrite) Meaning and properties; Tumbled Angelite

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Tumbled Angelite



Angelite Palm Stone
approx. 1" - 2" flat stone

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Approx. Size:

1" x 3/4"


Pale Blue & White


Throat Chakra
Third Eye Chakra
Crown Chakra


Wind element


Love, Healing, Power, Protection

3 angel stones
3 Angel Stones



...a stone of heightened awareness, with special focus on peace and brotherhood. It is used to facilitate contact with angels.

Mangano Calcite

...a heart crystal associated with angels. It's gentle energies dissolve all resistance.


...the name is derived from the Seraphim (Angels of the highest order) and this stone is used to establish connections to the angelic realm.

angelite heart
Angelite Pendant

angelite sphere
Angelite Sphere

angelite wand
Angelite Wand

Angelite Telepathy Booster

Start with an angelite stone that has been cleaned of all unwanted energy and 1 purple candle.

Place the stone on your third eye, breathing slowly and relaxing while gazing into the flame of the candle. Notice the connection between your physical body and your spiritual being.

Say: "I am one with my total being...I understand the world around me."

Place the stone in front of the candle while the candle burns all the way down. Hold the stone whenever you want to boost your psychic ability.


Angelite Window

Angelite Window
approx. 1 1/2" x 2-3"

Angelite beads
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Angelite (Anhydrite) Gemstone meaning

This stone is formed from celestite that has been compressed for many millions of years.

Angelite is a stone of heightened awareness, with special focus on peace and brotherhood. It gives protection in the environment around your body.

  • Promotes compassion and understanding
  • Helps you to speak the truth when this is difficult
  • Alleviates psychological pain
  • Enhances astrological understanding
  • Increases telepathy
  • Facilitates contact with angels

Angelite as a healing stone

Healers use angelite to unblock energy pathways. It can be used for relief from throat inflammations, and to balance the thyroid. Angelite also repairs and soothes tissues and blood vessels. It is very useful for weight control.

Read this article about connecting with your angels...

No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.