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      How to make a personal altar

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...continued from the article How to Make Your Personal Altar

Decorating Your Personal Altar

There are so many ways to create and decorate your personal altar. Below are some photos of altars with themes. Use color and different shapes to create an altar that is pleasing to the eye as well as inspirational.

Combine crystal standing points, clusters, bowls of gemstones, eggs, spheres, pyramids, animal totems to create your altar.

Love Grid Altar

This altar is a love grid composed of 5 natural crystal quartz points, 5 tumbled rose quartz stones surrounding a rose quartz sphere.

An aqua aura tantric twin soul mate point is nestled atop a crystal cluster (left) to amplify the energy of the stones. The large red heart behind the whole grid is an alabaster bookend (from Barnes & Noble) used for its symbolic shape.

A white jade rabbit sits in front of a candle for fertility. For sexual passion, a rooster might be used; for successful love - a jade butterfly.

Spring Theme Altar

This altar has a citrine cluster (far left) for creativity; a basket of gemstone eggs are centered in front of a decorative vase. Eggs chosen here are lapis lazuli (for inner vision); moss agate (for new growth this year); angelite (for angelic blessings); Malachite (for confidence); Sunstone to welcome the sun!

I've added a small red jasper mouse totem to remind me to pay better attention to the little details of my life. A scented white candle balances the display.

This altar is on a small 14" x 17" table that sits on a wall of my office. It takes up very little space but makes a wonderful Welcome to Spring! focal point for the room.

Religious Theme Altar

A religious altar is used to celebrate the tenets of your chosen religion.

It may be large or small. It is a place to display and keep symbols or items that you use in worship or prayer. It should be a quiet, sacred space that you can use for daily prayer and reflection.

It will often have a religious statue, photo or painting. You might add prayer beads, a rosary, religious medals, or anything that is meaningful to your religious spirit.

This altar has a seven stone pyramid as the focus, with various tumbled gemstones, a standing crystal point, a crystal ball and a laughing buddha oversees the whole scene. A Quan Yin statue would also be nice on this altar.

See religious symbols to get ideas for your religious altar.

Meditation Altar

A meditation altar is simply an altar upon which rests all of the items you use while meditating.

A meditation altar should be placed in an area that is usually quiet and peaceful, even when you are not meditating, such as a bedroom for instance. Typically, one sits on a pillow or cushion on the floor, with the altar set up on a small, low-sitting table or stand that is at a comfortable height.

...Read this article

Multi Purpose Altar

Keep delicate, easily breakable crystals in a cabinet, safe from pets and little rockhounds.

Selenite makes a great centerpiece for a protection altar.

Add interest to the look of your altar with a variety of shapes and colors. Read about color energy here.

No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.