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       Create Positive Relationships using Gemstones and Crystals

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ultimate love stones kit

The Ultimate Love Stones Kit

This kit includes 9 love stones: rose quartz, moonstone, prehnite, charoite, amazonite, chrysocolla, aventurine, jade, amber, pouch and instructions.

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Using Gemstones and Crystals to Create Positive Relationships

Building strong and positive relationships is a major component for happy living. Because of the wide variety of human emotions, and personality traits within each individual, this is not always easy to do. You need to keep in mind the feelings and wishes of others, and be self-aware of how you treat and react towards others.

By being mindful of your relationship and your role in it, you may find some qualities within yourself, or the relationship, that you may wish

to strengthen, develop, or change in order to keep the relationship happy, healthy, and strong. Stones and crystals can be of aid in accomplishing this as their energies can help you to enhance certain relationship qualities. They can help you to bring harmony, nourish love, work through conflicts, and transmute negative factors into positive ones.

There are many kinds of relationships, such as those between lovers, family members, friends, coworkers, neighbors, or group members. All are vital to your own health, happiness and spiritual growth. Stones can be of assistance in all of them.

The main ingredient of any relationship should be love.

The last lyric of the last album recorded by the Beatles says it simply...

"And, in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make."

Love is the foundation upon which life (and indeed, the whole universe) is built. Where love is practiced honestly and without reservation:

  • conflicts dissolve
  • growth and abundance appear
  • fear vanishes
  • the true spiritual nature of yourself and others will emerge
  • healing occurs
  • true joy is possible

First and foremost, learn to love yourself.

Practice self-forgiveness and self-acceptance. When you love yourself, your heart becomes receptive to love, and the way is open to attracting a soulmate, restoring a broken friendship, nurturing a new relationship, improving your ability to interact with everyone around you. Understand and know that you are perfect in your natural state (as is everyone else) and from this understanding you can begin to truly love yourself.

There are many facets of love that will develop and strengthen those qualities needed to build a relationship. Some of these are understanding, warmth, appreciation, acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness, compassion, intimacy, caring, kindness, and gentleness. Develop each facet of love by practicing in your daily life. Focus on this until you behave in a loving manner naturally - and in truth, nothing is more basic to your natural state!

Unconditional love heals the negative qualities that diminish a relationship: anger, resentment, guilt, fear, jealousy, shame, frustration, strife, sorrow.

You certainly don't need gemstones and crystals to unconditionally love yourself and others - but I have listed here some stones that you can use as reminders, symbols, and energy boosters to help you nurture healthy, loving relationships with all the people in your life.

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Use this kit to assist in developing the attributes needed for positive relationships. OR...make your own combination of stones using the table below as a guide.

The Ultimate Love Stones Kit contains:

  • Rose Quartz for Self Love
  • Moonstone for Empathy
  • Prehnite for Forgiveness
  • Charoite for Acceptance
  • Amazonite for Trust
  • Chrysocolla for Tolerance
  • Aventurine for Compassion
  • Jade for Generosity
  • Amber for Loyalty
Includes a pouch and instructions.
ultimate love stones kit

The Ultimate Love Stones Kit

Rose quartz is THE love stone

Rose Quartz enhances and strengthens all forms of love, including self-love, parental love, platonic love, and romantic love. It can attract love and bring unconditional love to a relationship. It can dissolve blockages to love and help develop, rebuild, and renew love. It strengthens family unity, kinship, friendships, and all other relationships. Placed throughout the home, rose quartz will fill it with love and harmony.

There are, of course, many other 'love stones'.

  • Agate enhances and attracts love.
  • Amber brings and encourages romantic love.
  • Aventurine encourages love for oneself and others, and enhances the ability to attract love, especially mature love.
  • Chalcedony helps make one more loving and able to love unconditionally.
  • Chrysocolla increases the capacity to love.
  • Emerald enhances love within a marriage.
  • Red garnet aids one in finding true love.
  • Jade increases love.
  • Pink kunzite helps you to accept and love yourself.
  • Lapis Lazuli helps in balancing love.
  • Magnetite attracts love.
  • Moonstone brings love and tenderness to lovers, enhances passion in romance, and encourages faithful and supportive love.
  • Pink tourmaline promotes love, affection, and devotion.
  • Rhodochrosite helps in attracting a soulmate.
  • Rhodonite nurtures love, promotes maturity in love, and helps one to distinguish between real love and fantasy.
  • Ruby promotes unconditional love, romance, marriage, devotion, and passion, and helps in all matters of love.
  • Blue sapphire promotes romantic love and teaches a couple how to increase belief and faith in each other.
  • Topaz attracts romantic love and teaches how to love.

There are many attributes that are necessary for a relationship to flourish and become positive and strong. Below is a list of aspects and attributes of relationships with the stones which can aid in those areas.

Acceptance: charoite, chrysocolla, moonstone, prehnite Balance: diamond, tabular quartz, watermelon tourmaline
Bonding: diamond, lapis lazuli, prehnite Caring: jasper, pink tourmaline
Commitment: black onyx, sardonyx Communication: blue lace agate, aquamarine, chrysocolla, clear quartz
Compassion: aventurine, red garnet, malachite, prehnite, rhodochrosite, pink tourmaline Cooperation: quartz cluster
Empathy: moonstone, pink tourmaline, turquoise Expression of emotions: amazonite, aventurine, opal, rhodochrosite, pink tourmaline
Faithfulness: lapis lazuli, opal Family: carnelian, citrine, picture jasper (siblings)
Forgiveness: prehnite, rhodochrosite, sugilite, topaz Friendship: moss agate, diamond, geode, jade, lapis lazuli, rhodochrosite, topaz, turquoise
Giving: agate, amber, chalcedony, jade, rhodochrosite, tabular quartz Harmony: blue lace agate, chrysocolla, diamond, geode (community), jade, pyrite (working with others), quartz clusters, rhodochrosite, blue sapphire
Honesty: blue lace agate, amazonite, aquamarine Intimacy: chrysocolla, red garnet, rhodochrosite, turquoise
Kindness: blue lace agate, chalcedony, jade, rhodochrosite Loyalty: amber, jade, opal, blue sapphire, turquoise
Nurturance: chalcedony, chrysocolla, ivory/bone, jade, jasper, moonstone Openness: amazonite, moonstone
Patience: blue lace agate, amber, chalcedony, chrysocolla Resolution of conflict: agate (between friends), aquamarine, ruby, sugilite (group), watermelon tourmaline
Respect: lapis lazuli Responsibility: aquamarine
Sensitivity: sugilite, turquoise Stability: chalcedony (group), chrysocolla, red garnet (marital), opal
Support: agate, ivory/bone Sympathy: malachite, opal
Tolerance: aquamarine, chrysocolla Trust: amazonite, blue sapphire
Understanding: turquoise Unity: blue lace agate, carnelian (family)
Unselfishness: moonstone, ruby Find stones alphabetically here

*Note: the statements here are provided for informational purposes only. When experiencing serious relationship difficulties or problems, you should seek the professional advice of a therapist.

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