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      Cacoxenite gemstone meaning

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Rough Cacoxenite


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approx. 2 1/2"


brown, yellow, and purple


Power, Healing


Wind Element


Solar Plexus Chakra
Third Eye Chakra
Crown Chakra

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Tumbled Cacoxenite





Cacoxenite gemstone meaning

Cacoxenite forms within crystal or amethyst as an inclusion. It is a rather rare occurance, and can create a visually spectacular stone.

This cacoxenite has inclusions of Quartz, Hematite, Strengite, Beraunite, Rockbridgeite, Limonite, and Amethyst.

Cacoxenite is the Stone of Ascension

It is believed to assist in the growth of all mankind by opening the mind to new concepts that can be shared throughout civilization.

Cacoxenite can be used to assist in one's spiritual evolution, cleansing and alignment with the Divine. This crystal is often used during a new or full moon to bring a healing, loving energy.


  • Expands consciousness
  • Aligns the third chakra with the divine
  • Used for world meditation to increase spiritual awareness
  • Assists in emotional upheaval
  • Cleanses one of negative attachments

Healing properties of Cacoxenite

Cacoxenite is used by healers to alleviate stomach or digestive problems, and support the thyroid.

No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.