Citrine crystal point



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Citrine crystal point
Unpolished Citrine Crystal Point

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Golden Yellow with White


Solar Plexus


Protection, Healing, Money, Luck

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Citrine ball
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Tumbled Citrine

Citrine crystal cluster

Citrine jewelry

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Citrine crystal point
Standing Natural Citrine Crystal Point

Citrine Crystal Point

Citrine is a powerful healing quartz. It shows a range of translucent colors from sunny yellow to brown. This combination of hues work in harmony to make a grounding stone (brown), a balance stone (oranges) and support for the solar plexus energies (yellow).

Increase self confidence and ability to attain your goals.

Place this natural citrine point in your home or office to create an optimistic environment and assist you to make good business decisions without doubts or fears.

Citrine is especially lucky for business.

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