Copper meaning



per piece
COPPER NUGGET approx. 3/4″-1″

Copper Nugget
from Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula


5 small flat pieces

Copper nuggets 5 pieces
approx. 1/4″

ships within 48 hours

Shipping fees


approx. 1″ – 1.5″




Power, Healing

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Copper Egg

Copper Cubes & specialty items

Copper Pyramid

Copper Sphere

Copper Wand


per piece
Freeform Colored Copper pieces approx. 1-2″

Freeform Colored Copper
from Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula
flat sheet copper is heated to create many colors

Splash Copper…click to see


small 1″

Native Copper Specimen
approx. 1″

Copper meaning

Any stone set in copper or used with copper with have an enhanced energy field. Copper even enhances the energy of silver and gold. There are some stones that are very powerful when used with copper. These stones are:

Copper is a healing metal

Copper has long been used as a healing metal, especially for arthritis and rheumatism. Copper has been used with blood and metabolism disorders. Copper acts as a conductor when worn on the body. Copper will help the healing effect of any stone when both touch the body.

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