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      Epidote (Pistacite) gemstone meaning

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Tumbled Epidote

Tumbled Epidote AA Quality
approx. 1" (quite gemmy!)


Tumbled Epidote

Tumbled Epidote
approx. 1/2"

ships within 48 hours

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Approx. Size:

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attraction, abundance, release of negativity


Gemini, Virgo


Earth element, Water Element


All Chakras

Epidote combines well with:


Rough Epidote .5-1"

Rough Epidote

Epidote (Pistacite) Gemstone meaning

The name Epidote is from the Greek ‘Epidosis’ meaning “Addition” or “Increase”. It also called Pistacite due to it's pistachio green color.

Epidote acts as an attraction stone

- meaning it will bring you more of whatever you emanate. It follows then, that if you are generous, it will bring you bounty; loving and kind, it will bring you love, etc.

This works with your undesirable qualities as well, so if you are negative, it will pull more negativity towards you. Even this aspect of epidote can be used wisely by noticing and changing these undesirable traits about oneself. It can teach that: "you reap what you sow".

Program this gemstone to attract whatever you wish - just be certain that you already possess some shred of the desired quality, as epidote will not increase what is not already present.

Epidote can be found in Austria, Switzerland, France, Finland, Norway, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Kenya, Madagascar, Australia, Japan, Korea, China, Mexico, and the United States

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