Personal Gemstone meaning

Choosing your personal gem stone

It is common today to have a personal stone. The personal stone may be associated with a zodiac

sign or a birth month. It may be a gem stone that has been passed

down in a family or even a favorite color. Your personal stone is one with which you feel a deep connection.

Your Personal Gemstone

Edgar Cayce said all gems have vibrations, but not all work the same on people. To have the best benefits from

a stone there must be a deep feeling for the stone.

Methods you can use to discover your personal stone:

  • Planetary Gem Stones

    In early Ayervedic and Tantric texts, certain gems were related to specific parts of the body. Nine stones are related to the planets and nodes of the moon. This method is often used by people who are having problems with a body part.

  • Zodiac Gem Stones

    Another Eastern method of choosing your stone is by finding the stones that are linked to your sign of the zodiac. In this system, there are stones that should be avoided for each sign.

  • Birth Stones

    In the West, as early as the fifth century AD, the twelve stones that adorned the breastplate of the Biblical Hebrew High Priest have been linked to the twelve zodiac signs, and later to the twelve months of the year.

  • Colored Gem Stones

    Your instinctive reaction to various colors can help you to choose the right gemstone for you.

    Use the color method to find stones that will help you over longer periods of time, or for a particular purpose. Make sure you have a clear intention in mind when using this method.

    1. Gather a collection of paper, cloth or stones in these colors: Red, Pink, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White, Black, Gray.
    2. Place your selection of colors or colored stones before you.
    3. Close your eyes and allow your breathing to settle.
    4. Intend that you will be drawn to a stone or color when you open your eyes.
    5. The color or stone upon which your gaze has fallen is your personal stone.

    Choose from the colors of stones here if you used paper or cloth.

  • Gemstone Meanings

    Some gemstones have qualities that seem to match your personality characteristics. These make useful personal stones. Another approach is to choose stones according to the qualities you want to develop in yourself. For example, if you have a hard time making decisions, you might choose a fluorite.

    Read the gemstone meanings thoroughly when using this method.

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