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Gemstones have long been believed to possess occult qualities. There are many spells that use gemstones to attract love, or increase wealth or personal power and spiritual abilities or good luck. I have gathered for you some of the many magical spells that include the use of gemstones.

Your Magic Altar

An altar should be used to do most magic rituals and magic spells. There are certain magic spells that should be done outside, but we will go into these later. Choose a quiet place in your home. It could be a little table in your bedroom, or even a closet that is not used, any place that will be peaceful. It is nice to be close to a window, but if there is no window close, a good lamp should be used. There should be fresh flowers or leaves in a vase on your altar all the time. Candles of different colors, incense and several gemstones should be kept close by the altar for ritual use. Candles and gemstones of the basic colors of white, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, brown, red, pink and black should always be on hand.

The altar should have items representing earth, air, fire and water. A vase of flowers or leaves can be water. Gemstone is Earth. The candle is fire and the incense is air. Now there should be something very personal to symbolize the person doing the rituals and spells. This could be a figurine of the person's animal totem, a small bowl of personal gemstones or any keepsake that has special meaning to the person doing the ritual. The altar may be covered with a cloth or not. If a cloth is used it should be of natural fibers, such as cotton or silk. The altar must always be kept clean and uncluttered when not being used for a ritual.

Before any ritual is performed the magic spell should be read and understood completely. All items needed for the ritual should be on hand. Rituals should not be taken lightly. Rituals should always be done with respect.

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Most of you know that gemstones contain metaphysical properties. Did you know that gemstones have a different set of properties pertaining to magic spells and rituals?

For this reason, I think you will enjoy this new website devoted entirely to the use of gemstones and crystals for spells and rituals and making your life the way it should be.

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This website will tell you:

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