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      Making a Crystal Grid

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Making a Crystal Grid

Love Stones

Attracting Love

Love Symbols

Love or Romance Crystal Grid

Crystal grids can be used to direct energy toward a desired goal.

This love grid is designed to generate love all around you! Use it for:

  • Romantic Love
  • Self-love, self-esteem
  • Loving family environment
  • Friendship

Romance Crystal Grid

Includes 5 rose quartz, 5 crystal points, 30mm rose quartz ball OR rough Rose Quartz and written instructions for your crystal layout.

Prosperity Crystal Grid

Prosperity means having all you need... and then some! This grid uses the infinity symbol to create endless abundance for:

  • Success in your career
  • Financial abundance
  • Any part of your life where you feel there is a scarcity

Prosperity Crystal Grid

Includes 6 black tourmaline/or 6 baltic amber, 6 light or dark green aventurine, citrine cluster and written instructions for your crystal layout.

Prosperity Grid with CD

Spontaneous Resonance: Prosperity is a collection of insightful recordings that is clearly attuned to those elements that can help create a better pathway to greater prosperity and success - however that may be defined by the individual listener. Read more...

Prosperity Grid with CD

Includes 4 prosperity stones, CD and written instructions for your crystal layout.

Medicine Wheel Grid

In Native American belief, the cardinal directions are linked to great Powers, or intelligent forces, whose energy (or Medicine) can be harnessed. The directions can be charted on a circular map, the Medicine Wheel, which can enable one to come into alignment with these spiritual powers and absorb something of them.

Medicine = energy = power = knowledge

Medicine Wheel Grid

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