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      Sunstone Chip Necklace

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Sunstone gem stone necklace
Sunstone chip gem stone necklace

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36" length


Sparkling orange - gold


Protection, Healing, Sexual Energy

Sunstone gem stone necklace

Gemstone Chip Necklaces

Sunstone chip necklace

Sunstone was associated with the Sun during the Rennaissance because of its sparkling orange-gold hue. It was used by magicians to call upon the influences of the sun. It is a protective stone.

Placed before a white candle, sunstone will spread protective energies throughout your home.

Sunstone is worn to:
  • Give you extra energy when you are ill or under stress
  • Stimulate sexual arousal and increase sexual energy

Wear the Sunstone necklace to stimulate your personal power of attraction.

No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.