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      Nuummite gemstone meaning

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Nuummite Tumbled Stone
approx. 3/4"

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48 hours

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Approximate Size:

see size under photo


Charcoal gray to black with subtle flashes of color


Earth Element, Storm Element


Third Eye, Solar Plexus, Root


Personal Power

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Nuummite Pendant

Use Nuummite with:

Nuummite Gemstone

Nuummite is a rare stone mined only in Greenland during the warm months. It is a very ancient stone (3 billion years old).

Nuummite is a personal power stone, allowing one to access inner gifts deep within oneself. Used as a gazing stone, it enhances intuition and assist in the increase of opportunities for personal good fortune.

Nuummite increases your personal power of magic and self-mastery.

Healers use nuummite to increase the energy of other healing stones.

Benefits of Nuummite include:

  • Facilitates journey to discovery of inner self
  • Draws on deep earth energy
  • Develops self love and acceptance of one's personal power

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