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Pendulums have been used for centuries to find things - water, gold, oil - treasures of all kinds including answers! Through the ages, people have used the pendulum to guide them toward correct answers to their important questions. It is one of the oldest, and one of the simplest methods of obtaining information intuitively.

Just as radios pick up information from unseen radio waves, the pendulum is a powerful antenna that sends and receives vibrational information from energy waves emitted by people, places, thoughts and things.

Some believe that the pendulum finds the connection to the intuitive parts of the mind. "Divining" with a pendulum is a method of connecting with a higher power in order to obtain information from a divine source. Scientific research indicates that the pendulum responds to electromagnetic energy that radiates from everything on Earth.

Read The Pendulum: Vibrational Frequency to learn more.

Crystal Pendulums

All pendulums come on a chain approximately 7-8" long. Stones may vary in size from 1" to 1 1/2" long. A carrying bag is included with each pendulum.

Moss Agate Pendulum

Abundance Stone, new beginnings, nature connections. Heart Chakra.


Amethyst Pendulum

Calming, protective stone - excellent for meditation. Accelerates development of psychic abilities. Crown chakra.

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Apophyllite Pendulum

Spiritual realm connections, true self.

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Citrine Pendulum



Bronzite Pendulum

Increases self esteem. All Chakras, especially Root Chaktra.


Aventurine Pendulum

Good Fortune, Growth, Confidence. Heart Chakra.

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Bloodstone Pendulum

Protection. Removes energy blocks and aligns all centers of the body. Root Chakra.


Pyrite Pendulum

Energy shield


Carnelian Pendulum

Energy, Creativity booster. Sacral Hara Chakra.

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Shungite Pendulum

Rejuvenation, healing


Crystal Pendulum

Energy amplifier, cleanser. Brings clarity of thought and purpose. Balances all the chakras.

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Chakra Pendulums

Seven chakra stones on each pendulum. Available in a variety of gemstones.

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Garnet Pendulum

Strength, security, courage, vitality. Root Chakra.

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Hematite Pendulum

Enhances personal attraction, optimism and courage. Healing stone. Excellent grounding tool. Root Chakra.

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Lapis Lazuli Ball Pendulum

Truth, Protection. Throat Chakra.


Lapis Lazuli Simple Pendulum

Truth, Protection. Throat Chakra.


Tiger Eye

Insight, vision, good luck and protection. Lower Chakras.

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Lepidolite Pendulum

Emotional healing and balance. Purification, serentity. Heart and Third Eye Chakras.

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Moonstone Pendulum

New beginnings, passionate love, good fortune. Stone of positive change and feminine mysteries. Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

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Malachite Pendulum



Rose Quartz Pendulum

Opens the heart to love on every level. Inner peace, tranquility, healing stone. Heart Chakra.

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Fluorite Pendulum

Focus and decision making

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Sardonyx Pendulum

Fortify self confidence. Third Eye Chakra.

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Sunstone Pendulum



Chambered Multi Stone Pendulum

7 stones are insertable in this chambered pendulum.

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Shiva Lingam Pendulum

Activates kundalini, vitality, spiritual rebirth, enlightenment. All Chakras.

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Scolecite Pendulum

Scolecite enhances the heart chakra energies, opening the door to more spontaneous expressions of love.

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Sodalite Pendulum

Sodalite is the stone of athletics, as it stimulates endurance. It will harmonize the inner being or the conscious and subconscious mind. Throat Chakra.


Smokey Quartz



Labradorite Pendulum

Magic and protection. All Chakras.


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No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.