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      Squirrel - Symbol of Trust, Preparedness

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Totem Symbols - Carved Gemstone Animals


Sodalilte $19.98

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Sodalilte Squirrel
2 1/4" tall

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2" nose to tail; 1 1/2" tall


carved from natural gemstones


Trust, Preparedness

Totem Lesson:

Energy in work and play! Establish trust

Squirrel - Symbol of Trust, Preparedness

The Squirrel is the sentinel of the home. He will watch each member of the family and warn them if there is a problem within the family.

The squirrel is energetic in its work and play, and always ensures the future is well prepared for.

The squirrel is a symbol of trust and is one of the few animals that will eat out of a person's hand. Learn from the squirrel to establish trust where you find it lacking.

Totem Lesson: energy in work and play!


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