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      Sodalite Egg

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Gemstone Eggs - Display Stands

2 1/2" tall

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sodalite egg
Sodalite Egg
from Brazil

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Approx. Size:

2 1/2" tall


Blue with white


Power, healing, luck

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Sodalite Egg
Increase communication and understanding

Sodalite is an important stone for all types of communication and learning. It encourages understanding, clarity and truth. It can increase the quality of a long distance relationship.

A student who has to write a lot of reports and papers will love to have this on the work desk.

Sodalite brings inner peace. Keep sodalite in your pockets and in every room of your house, so its peaceful properties will flow all around you.

Sodalite is the stone of athletics, as it stimulates endurance. Sodalite is extra lucky for writers.

Sodalite is a clarifying stone that balances emotions and steadies the thought process. It will bring a deep level of peace.

No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.