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Discover Your Personal Totem

Animal totems contain a natural power that can allow you to see and love and know more of the earth, life and especially yourself.

Animal spirit guide totems hold power and knowledge that we can use to be one with nature - all that is and will be. Many cultures of the past understood and used the power of animal totems.

Totems can be particularly useful in today's society where it is easy to forget the essence and true spirit of life and love in the midst of high technology. Use your personal animal totem to awaken the natural balance with nature that you already possess. You can be healthier and happier physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in understanding and honoring your animal totems.

Every person has a totem. The person may not know that he or she has a totem, or even know what a totem is.

How to find your personal totem

There are several ways to know what your animal totem is.

  • You may feel so attracted to a certain animal that you have collected many drawings, carvings or other types of images of this animal. The likeness of the animal brings the animal and its powers closer to you.
  • There may be an animal that frightens you. This could be your animal totem if there are lessons you should learn that you are strongly resisting.
  • You may dream about the same animal over and over.
  • The animal may come to you in deep meditation.
  • You may feel strongly about one of your zodiac animals, birth zodiac, Chinese zodiac.
  • Your birthday determines your Native American birth totem.
  • Someone who is attuned to the invisible world may see your animal totem and tell you about it.

However you find your animal totem you are sure to have a changed life if you listen and learn the lessons of your animal spirit guide!

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