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       Jasper gemstone bead

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Gemstone Beads

10 beads $7.00

10 beads $5.50

Red Jasper
Red Jasper 8mm round beads

  • 8mm 10 beads ... $7.00
  • 6mm 10 beads ... $5.50
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    Red; brown


    Scorpio, Sagittarius (Ancient)


    Mercury, Saturn, Venus (Ancient)


    February (Ancient)


    Protection, Healing


    Root Chakra


    Earth Element

    Red Jasper smooth oval 14mm 10 beads

    Red Jasper
    Red Jasper Smooth Oval beads
    10 beads (approx. 6") ... $7.00

    Brecciated Jasper Pillow Bead 14mm 5 beads

    Red Jasper
    Brecciated Jasper Pillow beads
    5 beads (approx. 3") ... $5.50

    Tumbled Red Jasper

    Tumbled Picture Jasper

    Jasper Jewelry

    Mookaite Jasper
    Round 6mm

    Mookaite Jasper
    Mookaite Jasper Round Faceted beads
    6mm 10 beads ... $8.00

    Mookaite Jasper Round 6mm

    Red Jasper
    Mookaite Jasper Round beads

    6mm 10 beads ... $5.50

    Red Jasper Bead

    A strong protection gemstone, red jasper is known to protect against hazards of the night.

    Jasper is one of the oldest known gemstones. It is mentioned in the Bible several times.

    Red Jasper:

    • gives one the courage to speak out
    • stimulates personal independence
    • very lucky for actors
    • helps balance the energy in the body

    Picture Jasper Bead

    Picture Jasper is a form of Brown Jasper. It is a grounding and harmonizing stone with a strong connection to the earth. It is said to promote feelings of responsibility towards the planet, encouraging a need to care for and protect it.

    All Jaspers are strong securing gemstones. It is a stability gemstone. It is a powerful protection against things that are not good for you and it eases emotional stresses, making it a wonderful gemstone to wear.

    10 beads

    10 beads

    Red Jasper
    Picture Jasper Round beads
    6mm 10 beads ... $5.00
    8mm 10 beads ... $7.50

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    No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.