Color meaning: Seven Rays of the Rainbow

The Seven Rays of the Rainbow

Our main source of light on this planet is the sun.

We are naturally driven by the energy of sunlight – it provides warmth, growth for food, ability to cook that

food, and much more – the sun’s energy is vital to our quality of life on a daily basis.

The sun drives our world and dictates much of our behavior. The rising sun stimulates activity and a state of

alertness, while the blue light of evening brings on relaxation, and finally full darkness indicates a natural

time to sleep for most people.

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The energy of light

One of the benefits we receive from the sun’s rays is the energy produced when light waves become color!

Emotionally we respond to colors as they fit the time of day or year. The reduction of sunlight on a cloudy

day or the long months of winter can significantly affect our emotions. Lack of sunlight can cause mood swings,

depression, low energy level. Most of us notice a fresh, cheerful, vibrant feeling when Spring arrives after a

long dark winter.

The seven color rays are spiritual forces emanating from the white light. They are perpetually vibrating – not

only on the surface of the earth – but also above and through it, encircling the globe in streams of endless energy.

Color vibrations are a source of power, each one having a general as well as a specific function and purpose.

Some people believe that each human being incarnates under a particular ray and is influenced by other subordinate

rays, the focal point being an aura or radiation of light, that surrounds all creatures.

The Trinity of Primary Colors

There are three primary colors unfolded in the white light. These are Red, Yellow and Blue. These colors correspond

with the three basic elements – hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. The three-fold power of the Primary Colors make a

direct energy contribution towards our physical, mental and spiritual development.

The Blue Ray (cooling) is assimilated by the spiritual center in the head. It awakens within a knowledge of

divinity. We WILL in blue – INTENTION.

The Yellow Ray stimulates mental growth by way of the brain. We THINK in yellow – WISDOM.

The Red Ray (thermal) provides sustenance for the physical body, gaining entrance by way of the breath. We FEEL

in red – ACTIVITY.


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Blue is the color of distance – oceans, skies, the heavens. The energy of blue helps us to look beyond the immediate

environment, expanding our perceptions towards the unknown.

Blue is the color of Divinity. It brings:

  • Peace and understanding
  • Enhances the easy flow of communication with yourself or others
  • Calms and relaxes

Yellow = WISDOM

yellow energy stones

Yellow is naturally associated with the sun itself, and so with its life giving and sustaining energy.

Yellow enriches, lightens and activates many of the systems of the body. It’s bright sunny energy brings about:

  • clarity of thought
  • orderliness
  • memory improvement
  • better decision making skills
  • alleviates confusion


red energy stones

Red is the color with the longest wavelength, being the nearest visible light to infrared in the electromagnetic


We feel in red – ACTIVITY. The red ray furnishes sustenance for the physical body. It brings about:

  • energy
  • enthusiasm
  • interest and passion
  • security

When blue is in harmony with yellow and red, there is peace and balance in body and mind. From this trinity

of primary colors emanate the secondary colors…


orange energy stones

Orange combines red and yellow. It contains the fiery energy of red with the wisdom and control of yellow. Orange

is a dynamic energy like red but more thoughtful and controlled.

Orange brings about:

  • creativity
  • playfulness
  • exploration on a practical level
  • relief from boredom
  • equilibrium


green energy stones

Green is the merging of yellow (mind) and blue (spirit). It is located exactly at the point of color balance

– midway between red and violet on the color spectrum.

The human eye is able to recognize more variation in the color green than in any other color.

Its energy contains:

  • harmony
  • sympathy
  • health
  • abundance
  • balance
  • growth and expansion


indigo energy stones

Indigo amplifies the energy of blue in a profound way. At a physical level, while blue is calming, indigo is

sedating. It deepens and turns blue energy inward.

The indigo ray symbolizes the bridge between the finite and the infinite and opens the door to the mystical borderland.

While blue energy is fast, Indigo energy is more often lightening fast.

  • opens the subconscious
  • spiritual attainment
  • self-mastery
  • wisdom
  • sudden awareness
  • intuition
  • psychic abilities


violet energy stones

Violet is the ray of spiritual mastery. It is the highest and most subtle specialization of light, being at

the opposite end of the color spectrum to red.

It should be viewed as both a completion as well as a beginning of the energy vibration beyond the visible color


Violet is a combination of both red and blue and this is key to understanding this color. It brings a stabilizing

energy to the franticness of red. It lends practicality to the undirected spaciousness of blue.

  • darker tones are associated with sorrow
  • deep purple signifies high spiritual attainment
  • pale lilac brings love for humanity
  • bluish purple brings idealism
  • sparks the imagination and inspiration
  • integrates other energies for healing purposes

Increase the Power of Color with a Rainbow Mandala

Color Energy – food for your emotions…

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