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      Gem stone and crystal symbols

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Symbolism: love symbol, good luck symbol, religious symbol, prosperity symbol, protection symbol, magic symbolism, color symbolism, the meaning of dreams

What is a symbol? A symbol is a very personal and meaningful representation of a concept such as love, friendship, religion, good luck, etc. Symbols are used to remind us to stay on the path to harmony and love.

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A Jasper Egg is a symbol of protection that everyone is entitled to have. Totems are symbols that help us become closer to our spiritual nature. A heart is a symbol of love that everyone wants to share. There are meaningful symbols all around us.

I know some people who use only one or two symbols, others use many more symbols. Only you can decide how many and what symbols you would like close to you. Color symbolism can help you decide.

I enjoy using symbols carved from gemstones to reflect the meaningful things that are happening in my life at any given time. I hope that you will have fun with symbols and use them to benefit your goals and dreams.

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