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Love and Friendship symbols

Can love symbols bring more love into your life?

Ancient symbols of love in combination with stones that contain love energies can be used to help you find the love you are seeking.

Find Your Love Symbol

Friendship Symbols

Over the centuries, various symbols have been used to represent, express and intensify love. Crystals have been used to open the channels for love to flow freely. Certain semi-precious stones are known as love gem stones because they contain energies that propagate love all around you.

Ancient symbols of love carved from stones that contain love energies create a powerful combination that can be used to:

  • Find the love you are seeking
  • Connect with your love during times of physical separation
  • Revitalize lost love
  • Increase passion or sexual attraction

How do I choose the right love symbol for me?

Choosing the right love symbol depends a great deal on what you are trying to acheive...

Successful Love

The Jade Butterfly symbolizes transformation and successful love. Give a jade butterfly to your lover for lightness and beauty in love. Read this Chinese legend...

carved gemstone butterfly
Jade Butterfly

Find New Love

If you are seeking new love, you should keep a Heart carved from rose quartz or a rose quartz sphere on your dressing table or desk. Rose quartz generates strong love energies and the sphere acts as a love magnet that will encircle you.

Rose quartz heart

Balanced Love

Symbolically, sunstone is linked to moonstone.

Carry or wear the two stones together to bring the influences of the

  • Sun (Healing, Protection, Success)
  • into harmony with those of the Moon (Love, Peace, Spirituality).

Sun & Moon
Power Bag

Sun & Moon

Loyalty - Strength - Blessings

To express love for a close friend, give the person a totem animal spirit guide:

  • Turtle - brings harmony and blessings
  • Dolphin - for a playful spirit

These symbols carved from any gemstone make a powerful love talisman that will be treasured by your lover for many years. Animal spirit guides are a special kind of symbol!

Harmony Turtle


More Love Symbols...

Symbols are powerful

Gemstones and crystals possess properties that come from the vast energies and vibrations contained within the earth itself. You can focus this power and energy to attract more love in your life. This can be done in several ways:

  • Meditation on the stone or symbol
  • Spell casting - using your own intention and energy in a magic ritual toward a desired result
  • Holding or carrying the love symbol to create love energy in and around you

Explore the love symbols and choose those that seem to 'call out' to you. These will be the symbols that are most closely aligned with your particular love desires at this time.

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