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      Custom Gemstone Bead Bracelets

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Personal Prosperity Bracelet $29.99

personal prosperity bracelet
Custom Personal Prosperity Bracelet...$29.99

This bracelet is made with Aventurine, Malachite and Crystal Quartz. Stretch.

Abundance Bracelet $29.99

balance bracelet
Custom Abundance Bracelet...$19.99

This bracelet was made with moss agate and copper colored glass rondelles. Stretch.

Protection Bracelet $29.99

protection bracelet
Custom Protection Bracelet...$29.99

This bracelet was made with tiger eye, black obsidian, and clear crystal. Stretch.

Personal Power Bracelet $29.99

personal power bracelet
Custom Personal Power Bracelet...$29.99

This bracelet was made with Coral, garnet and amethyst. Stretch.

Love Bracelet $29.99

love bracelet
Custom Love Bracelet...$29.99

This bracelet was made with Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Crystal Quartz

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Custom Bead Bracelets

These bracelets typically include 15 - 20 genuine gemstone beads in a variety of stones that are chosen for their particular energy. Choose from some of our most popular custom bracelets below.

Bracelets in photos represent stones/color and actual bracelet design may vary.

Abundance Bracelet

Moss Agate is beneficial to everyone - a stone of abundance, stability, grounding. Wear this for successful persistence and certainty in achieving your goals!

Personal Power Bead Bracelet

The custom personal power bracelet will typically include a combination of Coral for life essence, garnet for strength, amethyst for your spiritual advancement.

Love Bead Bracelet

Wear this to draw love to you.

Good Luck Bead Bracelet

The custom lucky bead bracelet is great for wearing to the casino for extra luck!

Protection Bead Bracelet

The custom protection bead bracelet is made from a combination of protection stones.

Money Bead Bracelet

Wear the custom money bead bracelet to enhance money attraction.

Good Luck Bracelet $29.99

good luck bracelet
Aventurine Good Luck Bracelet...$29.99

This bracelet was made with Aventurine Tiger Eye. Stretch.

Money Bracelet $29.99

money bracelet
Custom Money Bracelet...$29.99

This bracelet was made with tourmalated quartz and aventurine. Stretch.

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