Shungite pendant



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shungite pendant
Shungite Marquis Pendant #205

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1.6″ tall with bail


Jet Black/Slate Gray

sterling silver setting


Healing, Power, Purification

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One Available

shungite pendant
Shungite Marquis Pendant #206


1.4″ tall with bail

Shungite Marquis Pendants

It is estimated by scientists that shungite is almost 2 billion years old. It’s appearance reminds one of coal, it is found in very ancient layers of the Earth s crust that were formed before life forms existed on Earth.

Shungite is sometimes called the “Stone of Life” due to it’s healing and antibacterial properties. Many people use shungite to create a healing spa in the home by placing it in some water to purify and charge the water with cleansing energy.

Shungite is a stone of rejuvenation.

This mineral is hailed as containing a healing power incomparable to any other. Shungite purifies, protects, normalizes, induces recovery and promotes growth in living organisms.

Shungite is considered an excellent source of protection from harmful electromagnetic radiation from computers, microwave ovens, TV sets, mobile phones, etc.

Healing properites of Shungite

Healers use shungite to alleviate a wide variety of physical complaints such as heart difficulty, allergies, skin diseases, arthritis, hair and skin rejuvenation.

Sources of Shungite

Shungite is found at one location – at the Zazhoginskoye deposit near Lake Onega in the Shunga region of Karelia, North West of Russia.

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