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      Color of Love

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The Color of love

A while ago I sent out a couple of hundred letters for information on subjects that interest me. One of the questions I asked was "When you think of love, what color comes to your mind?"

One person said "money". I didn't know what color that was, maybe green, but I wasn't sure, so, I didn't give it a color. Two people said love didn't have any color. Two other people said love was the color of the rainbow. That's a nice thought. Now only 3 people chose red as the color they thought of as love. This surprised me, since that is the color used most on Valentines' Day. I guess passion doesn't necessarily mean love.

There was a tie of 4 each for white and yellow. I can understand wanting a pure love (white) or a wise and happy love. Pink is the choice of 5 people who I think need beauty in their lives. Six people said either lavender, lilac or violet was the color love. I think all of them want some magic and mystery in their love lives. Green was the color chosen by 7 people as the color they thought of as love. These people must want a balanced love and maybe some money too.

The most surprising answer was that 14 people picked blue. I think these people may know about love. Love should be sincere and true. Maybe if you have "the blues", it is because you don't have love. Most Blues music is about lost love. Maybe blue is the color of love. I just can't see sending a blue heart to my lover next Valentines' Day.

This little survey is not scientific, but it is very interesting. Did you know not all people dream in color? Well, I hope everyone makes sure to daydream in the most wonderful and wild colors possible.

To make your love life more colorful, try using these gemstones:

Red for Passion



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Pink for calming, joyous love

Rose Quartz


also Rhodonite

Violet for magical, mysterious love



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Blue for sincere love

Lapis Lazuli

see selection

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Green for balanced, healthy love



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Yellow for wise and happy love



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Orange for warm, vital, creative love



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