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Wealth & Prosperity

Do you want money? Do you need money?

These two questions do not mean the same thing. The second question can be answered by saying we need money to have the basics in life, shelter, food and clothes. Now the first question takes more thought. Why do you want money? Now really think about this. If you really know why you want money, you may get all the money you want.

  • Intent
  • Aim
  • Desire

If you can give meaning to those three words money is easy to get.

Prosperity CD
Includes CD, prosperity stones & bag with instructions

prosperity crystal grid
Prosperity Crystal Grid

citrine cluster, black tourmaline, aventurine and written instructions to make the grid

How can gemstones help me have more money?

Gemstones contain energies and powers that come from the earth itself. It is believed that each stone possesses it's own set of vibrations that can become attuned with your own vibrations in order to bring about more of that kind of energy in your life - such as love, protection, health or prosperity (wealth, money, good fortune in business, etc.)

Example: If you play the lottery, carry an aventurine in your left pocket to stimulate money energies all around you. Aventurine is traditionally known as the stone of chance and luck. If your business is not as prosperous as you'd like, try placing 3 garnet gemstones on your desk. One of the garnet's energies is success in business.

You can read more about the money stones here.

By using a money stone for meditation, a magic ritual, or even carrying it in your pocket or purse, you can increase your own will and intent to bring more money into your life.

How can I use symbols to have prosperity?

Symbols, good luck charms, amulets have been used for centuries to promote prosperity. A symbol is something that represents the actual thing. A stop sign always means stop and this is universally agreed upon, just as a heart is recognized by one and all as a symbol of love. Over the centuries, certain symbols, animals, or objects have come to symbolize prosperity and wealth. These can vary in different cultures.

A symbol by itself will not bring you money. The power to have money comes from your own intention and will. By viewing, holding, or meditating with a symbol, we can focus our own will and intention on creating the energies necessary to bring about prosperity and a better life.

Regardless of how you choose to use symbols in your life, it is important first of all to clarify for yourself:

  • Your Aim
  • Your Intention
  • Your Desire

When you have done this, money symbols can act as catalysts to help push your life forward in a direction toward more prosperity.

Animal spirit guides (or totems) used as symbols can help one learn the lessons that make life more prosperous.

elephant totem

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No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.