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      Wealth and Prosperity Symbols

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Money stones

money gemstones
Money Stones Kit


Money, prosperity, good fortune symbols

Use the symbols below to focus your will and intention towards increasing money energies all around you.

Money is simply energy and it can be made to move in a direction of your choice. Symbols can help you to:

  • create an abundance of things you need and want
  • get a sudden inflow of cash for an emergency
  • maintain a steady current of money

money gemstones

Prosperity CD
Includes CD, prosperity stones & bag with instructions

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carved gemstone hippo
Prosperity Hippo

Forges a path to success!

carved elephant
Lucky Elephant

Strong symbol of luck, wisdom

carved turtle totem
Lucky Turtle

Heaven's blessings; survival symbol

citrine cluster
Citrine crystal cluster

Attracts wealth, prosperity & success

money buddha
Money Buddha

Attracts wealth and abundance

Aventurine sphere
Aventurine sphere

Lucky aventurine encircles you with prosperity

Gold Sheen Obsidian
Gold Sheen Obsidian Sphere

Enhances your achievement of worldly success!

Carved gemstone pig
Prosperity Pig

Symbol of plenitude and good fortune.

No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.