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      Color meaning and symbolism in magic spells

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These are the colors of the candles and gemstones to use in rituals and magic spells:

The intent of the magic spell determines the color of candles to use.

Color Black is protection.
Color Blue is calming
Color Brown is the Earth
Color Green is balance
Color Gray is serenity
Color Orange is change or zest
Color Pink is universal love or self-love
Color Purple is understanding and tolerance
Color Red is energy
Color Yellow is inner wisdom
Color White is all colors

A good collection of basic gemstones for use in spell casting:

Black - Onyx
Blue - Sodalite, Turquoise
Brown - Tiger Eye
Green - Malachite, Moss Agate, Aventurine (2)
Grey - Hematite
Orange - Carnelian
Pink - Rose quartz (2)
Purple - Amethyst
Red - Garnet
Yellow - Citrine
White - Crystal (2)

The basic use of the 4 elements:



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When doing any ritual one must know the exact thing that is wanted. I repeat the exact wish must be stated very clearly.

Let's do an example of a love ritual. The exact type of love must be stated.

If the performer wants a very binding and lasting love of one person then a blue Sapphire and a green candle should be used.

If a young warm love is wanted a Rose Quartz and a red candle is used.

A deeply passionate love will need a Garnet and orange candle to be effective.

To bind the love of a family together a Carnelian and a pink candle will be used.

The love of God or a spiritual love will need an Amethyst and a pink candle.

For a romance with someone from a past life use a Turquoise and a black candle.

If marriage is the aim use an Emerald and a white candle.




No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.