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      Gemstone Money Ritual

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Money gemstones

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To Have More Money - Keep It Moving!

Money is energy.

...and in order to have plenty of it, you should understand how motion plays an important role in the money that flows toward you.

Life teaches us that nothing ever stays the same - the essence of life is energy and energy creates change constantly. In order to keep money flowing in towards you, you should keep it moving in a forward direction...

Items needed:

  • 5 One dollar bills or paper money in your currency
  • 5 gemstones (any combination of assorted stones such as smokey quartz, aventurine, citrine, agate, carnelian, etc.)
  • Sea Salt
  • Bag for stones

Perform this ritual on any Thursday.

Stone Kit: Keep It Moving Money Ritual

Includes: Instructions, amulet bag, 5 randomly chosen assorted gemstones. Photo does not necessarily depict the stones you will receive.


The Ritual

Place the 5 pieces of money currency where the sun will shine on them part of the day. (Put them on foil or plastic wrap). Put one gemstone on each bill. Sprinkle sea salt over the bills and stones. Leave the bills and stones until they have soaked up at least 3 hours of the sun's energy. Shake off the salt onto the foil or plastic wrap. Toss the salt out of the door you use most often to enter your home. Put all the currency and stones in the bag.

On the following 4 Thursdays you will spend one of the dollar bills (or your currency) for anything that you would usually buy (a newspaper, lunch, bus token, etc). On that same day you will make a gift of one of the stones to someone - a loved one, friend or even a stranger - and tell him or her that it is a lucky gemstone to keep money flowing. Ask them to keep it for awhile and then to pass it on to someone else.

The 5th currency or dollar bill and stone you will keep in the bag in your purse or pocket for one year and then spend the dollar and give the stone away.

All the money you need will flow to you!!!

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