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Pendulum and vibrational frequency

article by Catherine Avizinis (Calya)

The Pendulum, a tool known and used by Ancients and Moderns alike, is a marvelous, highly advanced implement that receives and sends vibrational frequency information. It detects and effects and, therefore, must be wielded with great honor. All things affect all other things. This is a Universal Truth that is found not only in the physical realms but also the metaphysical. Metaphysics being the study and use of knowledge and wisdom beyond that which science has proved, it can sometimes be deemed folly, weird or even evil to some. It is not. Much like the marvelously weird parlor game of the 18th century, electricity!

Gemstone Pendulums

Through the millennia, Pendulums have been used to detect everything from water, oil, and gold to nuclear submarines; and with great accuracy. Davinci, Einstein, Chemist Robert Boyle, and General George Patton are all names associated with the use of Pendulums. As is one name in particular, Charles Foucald. Remember your trip to the museum of Science and the large pendulum suspended from the ceiling tracing patterns in the sand? That is a Foucald Pendulum marking out the rotation of the Earth. The swing of the pendulum does not create the rotation - it detects it, and proves the unseen. The rotation of the planet producing its vibrational frequency, how frequently it vibrates. All elements, substances and beings have this Natural Property of All Things, Vibrational Frequency output.

The First Pendulums

Our Ancients began wearing jewelry based on the unseen energetic output they felt from the stones and bones found along the path or in the Sacred Grove. These became the first Pendulums, the first tools of detect and affect, the first sympathetic magick. As one can imagine, this took thousands and thousand of trials and errors over thousands of years. The clinical research and field work took place in every culture until great amounts of knowledge were accumulated and proved. There is thought that the more refined the stone or bone became the higher the level of consciousness/intelligence achieved. Then the higher the level of consciousness the greater the desire for more refined stones and elaborate jewelry. All the stones and gems cut into myriad shapes and polished forms became better conductors of information, tools friends and allies. The more refined and defined the tool the more magickal the work, the more Honor required to work for help and harmony and keep from hindrance and harm, spiritual Enlightenment.

Your Aura Energy Output

Elements, atoms, chemicals, molecules, and compounds all have different energy output, and can be, therefore, differentiated. Our thoughts and auras are included in this Elemental Chemistry and, following this logic, are able to be detected and affected. The Calya Journey-Wise system gives us a code by which to learn how to work with the Vibrational Frequency output of things, lost articles, decisions and most of all the Realms of Light. This interaction of our "charkas" or the Color Realms of our body/soul/spirit are what form our Auric Field and that is a code that can guide us, like our own Secret Color-Coded Map, on our Journey-Quest through this Life.

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No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.