Employment Magic spell

Employment Magic Spell

Diana, Roman Goddess of the Hunt is powerful and protective. In this spell, she can be called upon to provide you with the power and strength to hunt down the best possible job.

Light the candle, dedicating it to the Roman Goddes Diana. Hold the gemstone in your power hand, and the glass of juice in the other. Chant Diana’s name nine times.

Now toast Diana by holding the glass up and saying:

Huntress Goddess so bright and wise

I toast to your ever shining light

Please, Diana, by earth, air, fire and sea

the best possible job, bring to me

In Diana’s name, Blessed be!

Now, drink the juice. Next, hold the aquamarine in your power hand and chant Diana’s name nine times. Imagine yourself already in your best possible job. Picture every detail about it that you can – delight in the new start, meeting new people, having all the capabilities required to do an excellent job, and really see your prosperous future. Call upon Diana to help you imagine the pathway to this job…continue to do this until you can truly feel yourself in the job and you see the pathway.

Now write down the path to this job (the actions you need to take to get this job) on the piece of paper. Place a drop of pine scented oil at each of the four corners of the paper and place the aquamarine gemstone in the center of the paper. Thank Diana.

Fold the paper around the stone and place this package where you can open it every day. Read the steps aloud while holding the gemstone in your power hand.

For this spell, you need:

  • White candle
  • Pine scented oil
  • A glass of your favorite juice
  • Pen and paper
  • aquamarine gemstone


Spells gemstone kit

(includes 17 stones: black tourmaline, sodalite, turquoise, tiger eye, malachite, moss agate, 2 aventurine, hematite, carnelian, 2 rose quartz, amethyst, garnet, citrine, 2 crystal quartz plus a silk amulet bag)


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