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      Spontaneous Resonance: Prosperity

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Prosperity is defined as the state of flourishing, thriving, success, or good fortune. Prosperity often encompasses wealth but also includes others factors which are independent of wealth, such as happiness and health.

The condition of prosperity assumes there is no want, there is abundance of all that one desires. This is our natural condition as a spiritual entity - wanting for nothing, since we are complete and whole - just as we were created.

You have a natural inclination toward prosperity (or lack of want) and this is available to you by recognizing the power that you inherited at creation.


CD: Spontaneous Resonance: Prosperity with prosperity stones

Includes CD (8 songs), smokey quartz, citrine, bloodstone, & clear crystal point, pouch and instructions

Spontaneous Resonance: Prosperity

Spontaneous Resonance is a series of CDs written and recorded as a means of tapping into the subtle frequencies and vibrations that are all around us and designed to assist you in recognizing your right to prosperity.

Vibrational energy

This is a celebration of your innate possibilities for abundance and prosperous good fortune as translated into music, with inspirational harmonies, chords and rhythms.

This approach allows for a spontaneous response that will be unique for each individual and while this CD is tailored to inspire prosperity, the music runs the gamut of potential resonances.

Every cell in the body, every atom and molecule, indeed the fabric of our universe is composed of vibrational energies functioning over a wide range of frequencies and harmonics. That we all immediately respond so intimately to rhythm and harmony is testimony to these fundamental elements that make up our entire world. Every person is a unique individual and we each react to these energies in our own unique and very individual way.

Awaken your prosperity!

Spontaneous Resonance: Prosperity is a collection of insightful recordings that is clearly attuned to those elements that can help create a better pathway to greater prosperity and success - however that may be defined by the individual listener. Different songs may generate different responses, and each was composed to assist in awakening your personal resonance with the underlying harmonics and rhythms of our universe, and your personal sense of prosperity.

Prosperity is within you - tap into it.

This CD includes a set of prosperity gemstones with a pouch and instruction card.

About the Artist: Cris Christopher is a respected composer, producer and recording artist who has been writing and recording music for many years in his studios in Los Angeles. As a composer he has scored hundreds of hours of music and underscore for television, commercials and film. He has been intimately involved in the evolution of music with its current marriage to technology.

He recently began to direct his talents and experience to creating a series of CDs that are meant to help people connect to the underlying energies and vibrations that permeate our universe. Music is an incredible tool that can help unlock subtle unique and individual patterns and through this process can open a personal pathway to a resonance.

Spontaneous Resonance: Prosperity CD 8 songs:

  • Abundance 4:46
  • Generosity 5:02
  • Prosperity 5:11
  • Fertility 5:50
  • Future 5:13
  • Growth 4:41
  • Life 6:13
  • Live Well 4:47

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