Does Walmart Drug Test?

Do you have a job opportunity at your local Walmart and are considering applying for it? But yes, if you’re searching for “does Walmart drug test 2022”, you’re probably concerned if they do drug tests for hiring or not. Drug testing is crucial for most big and well-known corporations like Walmart. It is a well-established American multinational retail corporation with over 2 million employees globally.

Walmart provides a lot of job opportunities at their extensive workplaces worldwide. To maintain the reputation of such a big corporation, Walmart has its own drug policies that everyone has to follow, either for applying for a job or as a staff member. Walmart also requires drug screening for their distribution centers. But these Walmart warehouse drug tests are not necessary if you’re only to be hired. These tests are reserved for other designations like management and asset protection positions.

In this article, we will explain everything regarding the drug testing at Walmart, which kind of drug tests they do, whom they test, and the policy when you fail or pass the Walmart drug test. So, hold tight, and keep reading!

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Walmart Drug Test Policy 2022

Walmart has a clear and strict drug test policy to keep its reputation, prevent the spread of drugs, and maintain a safe & healthy workplace environment. Speaking of whom they drug test, they have no such rule of conducting pre-employment drug tests as a condition of being hired. But if you get a job or are hired, Walmart does a complete background check and demands a drug test at some point during your employment. Because as per their drug test policy, they keep conducting random or regular drug tests on their staff.

There are many types of drug testing to detect drugs in one’s system, and Walmart chooses urine or saliva testing for their employees. But the drug test types greatly vary for multiple reasons. For example, Walmart may demand a drug test if a person/employee has been involved in a work-related accident or any other event where there is sensible doubt of drug use which can lead to contract termination. At Walmart, drug tests are designed to detect cannabis (marijuana), cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and many more.

How does Walmart drug testing work?

Walmart has its own standards of drug testing. They aim to create a safe and healthy work environment for their employees to work efficiently and boost the overall productivity of their business. Being the simplest, urine drug test is the most common and efficient drug test, and you can get your results in only one or two days and get the interview call as soon as possible.

Most commonly, the drug tests are conducted for:

  • Cannabis (CBD products)
  • Opiates
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Amphetamine/ Methamphetamine
  • Medical marijuana (MMJ)
  • PCP

These also include Walmart THC tests.

Who does Walmart drug test?

If you’re planning to apply for work at Walmart and are concerned about drug tests, you should probably be relaxed because Walmart doesn’t conduct drug tests only for hire. But if, fortunately, you succeed in getting a job, you might have to drug test according to the no drug policy of Walmart.

The positions for which Walmart conducts a drug test include:

  • Asset Protection (AP) department
  • Consolidation Center (ACC)
  • Pharmacy department
  • Sporting goods department
  • Auto center department
  • Management position
  • Freight handling position
  • Maintenance department

When does Walmart administer drug tests to their workers?

Walmart conducts drug tests less often than you think. They don’t demand every employee to drug test unless or until some suspicious accident occurs. The only times when Walmart orders drug tests for their workers are:

  1. When the prospective employee has a suspected history of encountering an accident during work.
  2. When the prospective employee is applying for some specific, upper-level, or highly-paid position that involves a particularly critical department.
  3. When a present employee is found involved in a suspicious workplace incident where there might be a doubtful possibility of consumption of alcohol or drugs on Walmart’s premises
  4. When applying to a critical position requiring drug testing (listed above), Walmart conducts a drug test before it offers a job.

Does Walmart drug test entry-level positions?

You must remember Walmart doesn’t conduct drug tests during the hiring process or for entry-level positions like Cashier, stocker, or backroom associate. Only certain positions requiring drug testing involve handling or managing critical products, equipment, or other employees under your supervision.

What happens if you fail to pass the Walmart drug test?

Being a well-reputed corporation, Walmart maintains its standards by strictly following its no-drug policy. Any prospective employee who refuses a drug test or fails it will not get any chance of employment at Walmart. Or if Walmart demands a random drug test for its workers and the employee fails it, their employment at Walmart will most probably be terminated immediately.

Walmart doesn’t have any strict rules about how long prospective worker has to wait before applying again for a basic position at Walmart after failing their first drug test. But this condition varies from store to store. And some Walmart stores don’t even allow prospective employees to reapply for a job after failing the drug test.

Kinds of drug tests at Walmart

Walmart conducts many different drug tests depending on the job positions and circumstances. They may run a urine, saliva, or blood drug test to detect drugs like cocaine, THC, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, and many more in your system.

Pre-Employment Testing

  • Walmart doesn’t run this drug test on entry-level positions. They only carry pre-employment drug testing on people applying for positions in specific departments, including management, pharmacy, maintenance, asset protection developments, etc.
  • This Walmart pre-employment drug screen (saliva or urine) doesn’t guarantee a job but contributes to the possibility of getting a job after clearing the interview and other requirements. But if you fail this test, your chances of landing a job fall to zero.

Random Testing

  • Walmart can run random drug tests on their workers during their services. To create a healthy work environment, they remain conscious of the activities of their employees.
  • Random testing can also be conducted to checkmate deception from employed staff who might have taken detox drinks or pills before the test.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

  • Walmart can call for reasonable suspicion drug testing if their manager suspects an employee of the drug. This test requires the employee to provide their urine or saliva sample as soon as they’re called for drug testing.
  • If an employee declines to run the drug test, he can be considered to have a positive result, which can lead to immediate termination of the job.

Post-Accident Testing

  • The manager can call for drug tests if a worker is suspected of being involved in an accident.
  • If the employee refuses to run the post-accident test, he may be considered positive, which could lead to immediate termination of employment.

How long does Walmart take to deliver the drug test results?

They give you about twenty-four hours from when you are called to submit a drug test. The initial test sample collection procedure is painless and quick, and once you submit your test sample to the lab, you receive the test results in one or two days.

Does Walmart still do background checks in 2022?

Walmart does background checks on all of its employees. When you apply for a job at Walmart, they conduct a background check before offering you work, even for basic positions. For their background checking process, Walmart can go several years back on your record depending on different job salaries and other circumstances.

What is the best Walmart drug test kit?

There are many high-quality drug test kits available on the market. But most people prefer at-home drug test Walmart kits. But you can get the best drug test done at Quest Diagnostics, which has a suitable in-store location in most Walmart stores and offers fast turnaround times on drug tests.

How long does Walmart take to hire after an interview?

A big corporation like Walmart can take at least 6 to 7 days (a week) to hire you after an interview. They take their time to do all the necessary information or background check before calling for employment.

Does Walmart perform random drug tests during employment?

Yes! They reserve the right to perform random drug tests on their workers during service. If Walmart finds anything suspicious and asks you to drug test, it becomes mandatory for you to perform drug tests according to its demands. And if you refuse a drug test, it will be considered positive and can terminate your job.

When are you asked to take a Walmart drug test?

For many reasons and circumstances, Walmart may ask you to run a drug test. For example, they may ask you to run a drug test if you apply for specific departments like deli, TLE, pharmacy, auto center, etc. You may also be requested a drug test if they suspect you are involved in an accident or incident.

The Takeaway

Walmart is a pretty good well-reputed corporation to work with. They maintain a safe work environment by strictly following their no-drug policy. To get a job at Walmart, you must comply with their demands and no-drug policy. They also conduct background checks on their employees before offering them the job.

The drug tests are unnecessary if you’re applying for an entry-level position. But a drug test is obligatory if you’re applying for high-level jobs at specific departments. And if you refuse or fail a drug test, it can immediately terminate your employment at Walmart.

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