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  • .999 Silver Crystal Cluster


    .999 Silver Crystal Cluster Where gold is the metal of the sun, Silver is the metal of the moon, and represents many of her energies. These gorgeous Silver Crystal formations were made in a laboratory, utilizing special techniques to grow a crystal from a silver “seed”. During the process the Silver is purified and grown…

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    Amber Cabachon


    Amber Polished Cabochon Amber: Alternative Birthstone for Taurus Sacral Hara Chakra stone These reconstituted cabochons each have excellent color and high polish. Amber is technically not a gemstone or mineral, but a fossilized sap from prehistoric trees that has aged over the course of millions of years. Amber is usually thought of as yellow golden…

  • Aqua Aura Crystal


    Aqua Aura Crystal meaning Aqua Aura Crystal is produced through a special process in which the surface of the crystal quartz is bonded with vaporized, finely powdered pure gold. This results in a stunning brilliant blue with iridescent rainbow flashes. This color-enhanced crystal is effective in stimulating the throat chakra, enhancing your ability to communicate…

  • Archaen Butterstone


    Butterstone gemstone meaning Butterstone (sometimes called Butter Jade or African Jade) is an ancient stone found in the greenstone belt of Southern Africa. It dates to over 2500 million years ago. It was formed during the Archean Period when the continents were just forming. Many pieces contain evidence of the beginnings of life on Earth…

  • Atlantasite gemstone meaning


    Atlantasite brings peace to the environment. Some believe that atlantasite can access information from Atlantis in order to complete endeavors started at that distant time. Some uses of Atlantasite are: Gain access to past lives Stimulate spiritual development Lower stress levels Encourages thinking before speaking Promotes successful thinking in business or regarding possessions Sources of…

  • Benitoite


    Benitoite Benitoite is a rare mineral found in only one place on this planet – San Benito, California, USA. It’s color varies from light to dark blue and most specimens are quite small. Benitoite is used for channeling angelic guidance, and to enhance psychic ability. Benitoite is a stone of inner journeying. It is beneficial…

  • Bismuth


    Bismuth (lab grown) Bismuth is a lab-grown chemical element. It contains all the colors of the rainbow in a maze of colorful iridescence. Though not a natural stone, some use bismuth in meditation to find the way, or solve a personal puzzle by gazing at the maze of colors and shapes to find answers. Bismuth…

  • Black Onyx beads


    Black Onyx beads Onyx Gemstone meaning Onyx is known to separate. It can help release negative emotions such as sorrow and grief. It is used to end unhappy or bothersome relationships. Onyx guards against negativity Onyx jewelry is worn to defend against negativity that is directed at you. Black stones have protective energies in the…

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    Bloodstone (Heliotrope)


    Bloodstone Gemstone meaning Bloodstone (also called heliotrope) is green with distinctive red spots that resemble blood, giving this stone its name. The bloodstone was used to stop bleeding especially nosebleeds. There is a legend that says the bloodstone was formed from the blood of Christ dripping on the green earth and solidifying. It was also…

  • Celestite ball

    Blue Celestite Geode Ball Connect with your Guardian Angel! Celestite (also known as celestine) can be found in clear, white, gray, blue, green, yellow, orange or reddish brown. It offers a gentle uplifting energy that will raise one’s awareness. It is an effective stone to use in order to establish and maintain communication with the…

  • Chinese writing stone wand


    Chinese Writing Stone (Porphory, Chinese letter stone) Wand Chinese writing stone (also known as porphory or chinese letter stone) is a limestone matrix with andalusite crystals that appear as a delightful pattern resembling chinese characters. It appears in colors ranging from a very dark gray or almost black to creamy white, both with a slight…

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    Chrysanthemum gemstone meaning


    Chrysanthemum gemstone Chrysanthemum stone is named for its unique patterns embedded in the stone that resemble flowering chrysanthemums. It is a stone that awakens your true purpose in life and lends the support and courage necessary to follow your dreams. This stone brings unexpected opportunities (luck) once you have stepped on a chosen path. Chrysanthemum…

  • Cinnabrite massage wand


    Cinnabrite Massage Wand Cinnabrite is a combination of red epidote and white scapolite. Many use cinnabrite for will power and personal empowerment. It is a stone of emotional and spiritual growth. Cinnabrite is associated with 3rd Eye, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra.

  • Cobaltoan Calcite on Matrix – from Congo


    Cobaltoan Calcite meaning Cobaltoan Calcite also known as Sphaerocobaltite. In addition to the properties of Calcite, these crystals are said to be crystals of joy. Cobaltoan Calcite is a stone of love. It aids in making friends and activating the heart chakra. Some uses of Cobaltoan Calcite are: Coordinates the release of many buried emotional…

  • Creedite Cluster


    Creedite Crystal Cluster Creedite occurs in white, orange, clear and sometimes blue-purple crystals. It is a rare mineral mostly found in Mexico. Use Creedite to energize creative vision Creedite is an excellent meditation crystal, creating an open channel for Divine inspiration. It is often used to expand awareness and activate the upper chakras. It is…

  • Dendrite Agate Tumbled Stone


    Dendrite Agate Gemstone meaning Dendritic Agate is a chalcedony containing branch or fern-like markings called dendrites. This stone is considered an agate even though it does not portray a banded appearance that is common with most agates. The famous Russian jeweler Carl Faberge made use of this stone in combination with diamonds and other precious…