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      Chrysanthemum gemstone meaning

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Chrysanthemum Palmstone
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Chrysanthemum gemstone

Chrysanthemum stone is named for its unique patterns embedded in the stone that resemble flowering chrysanthemums.

It is a stone that awakens your true purpose in life and lends the support and courage necessary to follow your dreams. This stone brings unexpected opportunities (luck) once you have stepped on a chosen path.

Chrysanthemum stone contains an energy that forges through obstacles to joy, love and abundance in your life.

It creates a sense of balance between physical and spiritual and encourages love and joy. The flowering pattern represents the burst of energy that is love, joy and abundance.

This unique stone makes a wonderful gift for anyone starting out on a new path (such as an infant or someone making a career change) or between lovers embarking on a new life together. It helps one to start and to continue.

Meditate with chrysanthemum to assist in overcoming fear and obstacles in order to achieve abundance, contentment and joy!


No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.