Dendrite Agate Tumbled Stone



Dendrite Agate Gemstone meaning

Dendritic Agate is a chalcedony containing branch or fern-like markings called dendrites. This stone is considered an agate even though it does not portray a banded appearance that is common with most agates.

The famous Russian jeweler Carl Faberge made use of this stone in combination with diamonds and other precious gems. Dendritic agate is prized in Russia as a stone of long life, good health and prosperity.

Dendrites symbolize growth or change.

Dendrites are the branch-like formations of iron or manganese oxide inclusions that crystallize within the stone. Metaphysically, these symbolize growth or change.

  • Assists with connection with nature
  • Promotes protection of earth and all its creatures
  • Prosperity, wealth, abundance stone
  • Creativity
  • Emotional balance

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Sources of Dendrite Agate

Dendrite Agate is found in Brazil, India, Madagascar, the USA, Mexico and Khazakstan.

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Protection, Healing, Growth, Prosperity