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  • Leopardite


    Leopardite Gemstone meaning Leopardite promotes acceptance and understanding of oneself and others. Use this stone when you are struggling with judgment of self or others. It has a peaceful energy, assisting in letting go of conflict, insecurity, loss of control. Connect with inner wisdom Some use Leopardite to help connect with inner wisdom that comes…

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    Lodestone (Magnetite)


    Magnetite (Lodestone) meaning Lodestone, a variety of magnetite, has a powerful positive-negative polarity. It is a basic stone used by crystal healers to realign energy flows in the body. Magnetite balances the intellect with inner emotions to bring about stability. This is an excellent stone for balancing polarities such as male-female; physical-spiritual; left brain-right brain,…

  • Mahogany Obsidian


    Mahogany Obsidian Gemstone meaning Obsidian is associated with Pluto – Greek god of the underworld and keeper of hidden treasure. Obsidian is a grounding stone but also contains a fiery element. It is useful for developing the strength needed to stand on your own convictions against any enemy (hidden or otherwise). Mahogany obsidian has a…

  • More Agate:


    Tree Agate meaning Tree Agate is the common name for Dendritic Agate. The Stone of Plenitude Place one of these anywhere that you want to encourage abundance and fullness. Some of the benefits of tree agate include: Enhances the health of house plants Creates a peaceful environment Deepens your connection to the earth Be patient…

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    More Agate:


    Eye Agate Gemstone meaning Also known as Botswana Agate, eye agate has been known to ward off the evil eye. This is the gemstone for people who are sensitive and lonely or easily hurt. It will help you have more self-satisfaction and protect you from hurt. See also agate, moss agate, tree agate. Healing properties…

  • More Blue Quartz:


    Blue quartz Gemstone meaning Blue quartz crystal is a soothing, stress-relief stone. It assists in the ability to reach out to others. Assuages fear Calms the mind Inspires hope Promotes understanding your spiritual nature Like all quartz, it can be used as a power amplifier during magic. Blue quartz is especially fine as a peace…

  • More Tourmaline:


    Dravite (Champagne Tourmaline) meaning Dravite is a brown variety of tourmaline. It is an ideal stone for self-healing, aids in finding emotional strength and self-acceptance. Dravite inspires courage and persistence. It calms and soothes, grounding and stabilizing the inner self. Use Dravite with these compatible stones to clear and ground the root chakra and provide…

  • Morganite (Pink Beryl)


    Morganite (Pink Beryl) gemstone meaning Morganite is the stone of Divine Love. This delicate yet powerful stone opens one to the frequency of the universal heart. Morganite attracts love and maintains it. Morganite promotes abundance of the heart and prosperity of love. It assists in connecting with Divine Love and angelic energies: Helps to release…

  • Nirvana quartz (Himalayan Ice Quartz)


    Nirvana Quartz (Himalayan Ice Quartz) This rosy quartz was recently discovered (in 2006) high in the Himalayan mountains in a region that had previously been submersed in ice all year round. The crystal formation is chunky and irregular – a result of calcite and other mineral deposits having once been attached to the crystal, but…

  • Nuummite Tumbled Stone


    Nuummite Gemstone Nuummite is a rare stone mined only in Greenland during the warm months. It is a very ancient stone (3 billion years old). Nuummite is a personal power stone, allowing one to access inner gifts deep within oneself. Used as a gazing stone, it enhances intuition and assist in the increase of opportunities…

  • Pink Opal


    Opal Gemstone meaning Opal was formed many millions of years ago, when a combination of silica and water flowed into cracks and spaces in the ground. This then gradually hardened and solidified to become opal. Opals contain water, which makes them very sensitive to heat. They are soft and can be cracked or chipped easily….

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    Polished Septarian Dragon Sphere #396


    1-1.5″ Pair $9.50 Septarian Pair Septarian nodule sliced in half and polished on inside1 – 1/2″ slicesfrom Morocco Septarian (Dragonstone) meaning Septarian (also known as Dragonstone) gets its name from the Latin word “saeptum”, which means a small wall or enclosure. The mineral-filled cracks that divide the walls of the septarian concretion give this stone…

  • Polished Ulexite (TV Rock)


    Ulexite meaning Ulexite is a stone of clairvoyance. Imagination is the key to creativity, and Ulexite is a stimulant to both. Ulexite (TV Stone) Ulexite is also known as the “TV Stone” due to its fiber optic property. If the slice is placed on top of another object, such as a newspaper, the image of…

  • Purpurite


    Purpurite meaning Purpurite has a silky violet sheen. It is a calming stone that strengthens intuition and opens the crown chakra. It is a good stone to use in repairing mistakes and emotional damage in a gentle manner. encourages insight and truth purifies energy fields encourages acceptance integrates skills with thoughts and ideas Healing properties…

  • Rainbow Jasper


    Rainbow Jasper Gemstone meaning A strong protection gemstone, red jasper is known to protect against hazards of the night. Red jasper is very lucky for actors. Jasper is one of the oldest known gemstones. It is mentioned in the Bible several times. Jasper is a strong securing gemstone. It is a stability gemstone. It is…

  • Red Rutilated Quartz Crystal


    Red rutilated quartz meaning Quartz stones that contains mineral inclusions are called “rutilated quartz” or “sagenite”, popularly known as Venus-hair stone. Rutiles are small needlelike crystals. These may be red, black or brassy yellow. Red rutile (rutilated quartz): Brings new hope Acts as an anti-depressant Relief from anxiety, sexual problems related to tension Helps develop…