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  • Diamond

    Diamond Gemstone meaning The diamond is the hardest gemstone and one of the most valued. It does come in yellowish colors, green and blue, but the clear or white is the most used in jewelry. Most diamonds come from South Africa. It is said diamonds are good for coughs and mucus problems. Diamonds are the…

  • Ethiopian Opal (rough) in matrix


    Opal Gemstone meaning Opal was formed many millions of years ago, when a combination of silica and water flowed into cracks and spaces in the ground. This then gradually hardened and solidified to become opal. Opals contain water, which makes them very sensitive to heat. They are soft and can be cracked or chipped easily….

  • Faden Quartz


    shape varies – each is unique Faden Quartz Faden Quartz is a variety of tabular quartz crystal that contains a fuzzy white line running through the crystal. The name “faden” comes from the German word for fiber. It is surmised that this white string or fiber was created during the growth process of the crystal…

  • Fulgerite


    Fulgerite meaning When lightning strikes the ground, the result is a little tube of melted minerals called a fulgurite. The tube is formed from the melted sand in a single powerful burst of electrical charge from the lightning. Fulgerite enhances the power of your prayer. It is believed that the lightning energy is a channel…

  • Galena


    Galena gemstone meaning Galena is a transformation stone. It is effective when embarking on a personal spiritual journey. Soul-retrieval, past life recall stone Galena is sometimes used in past life regression therapy as a guide to inner vision. It assists in facing and overcoming one’s deepest fears. Galena is an Earth stone and as such…

  • Gaspeite (rough)


    Gaspeite Gemstone Gaspeite was discovered in the Gaspe peninsula of Quebec, Canada – hence the name. It is also found in Australia. It’s color can range from pale mint green to bright apple green. This is a vision stone that enhances one’s ability to see and receive spiritual signs and messages in the world around…

  • Girasol Quartz


    Girasol Quartz meaning Girasol Quartz (also called girasol opal) is a very ancient mineral found in Madagascar and has powerful energies. This stone can help you feel calm, relaxed, hopeful and optimistic. Girasol can also amplify your ability to be creative, thoughtful and focused in your life. Girasol Quartz brings a sense of balance to…

  • Goethite Geode #110

    Goethite meaning Goethite is a stone that will encourage deep inner journey for connection with the earth, akashic records, discovery of soul life. It is a discovery stone, bring about a consciousness in oneself one’s soul plan. It awakens compassion and love. Grief stone Goethite is often used by counsellors to assist in getting in…

  • Gold Sheen Obsidian


    Golden Sheen Obsidian meaning Golden Sheen Obsidian like other varieties of Obsidian are good for clearing negative energies and purifying one’s auric field. Some uses of Golden Sheen Obsidian are: Clears one’s auric field Gets rid of negative energies Helps align one to their goals Helps provide direction in one’s life

  • Goshenite


    Goshenite meaning Goshenite is a highly treasured stone that is widely used as a tool for spiritual assistance, enhancing dreams, gaining loyalty, prayer and for stimulating the mind. Goshenite is a powerful dreamstone Goshenite is a powerful dreamstone. It can inspire one to create and hold a new and higher vision of what is possible….

  • Green Clintonite on Blue Calcite


    Clintonite Clintonite is a rare mica named in 1843 for Dewitt Clinton, an American statesman and naturalist. It can be found in brown, golden brown, reddish brown, yellow green, dark green. Clintonite is used to cleanse the aura and general energy surrounding oneself. Clintonite is a stone of inner journeying. It is beneficial for: self…

  • Green Wavellite rough in matrix


    Wavellite meaning Wavellite is used in crystal healing and magic to enhance and improve decision-making, intuition and to help energy flow smoothly. Wavellite acts to support those whose decisions require attention to detail and a high degree of focus. Wavellite is known as the balancer of energy flow acting as a regulator for optimal physical…

  • Grossularite


    Grossularite meaning Grossularite is a kind of garnet and metaphysically is known as the “Stone Of Health”. It is used for emotional purposes in grounding, calming and soothing the body. It can withdraw negative energy from a person and distribute it in a positive manner.

  • Infinite stone


    Infinite Stone Infinite is a tradename for a variety of green serpentine (mixture of Serpentine and Chrysotile) found in South Africa. It’s energies are believed to be superior to those of other serpentines and it has come to be known as the “Healer’s Stone”. Repatterns the auric field Increases the potency of reiki and other…

  • Lazulite – From Yukon Territory, Canada


    Lazulite meaning This highly treasured stone is widely affective in metaphysical practice. Lazulite strengthens one’s self-discipline and focus, allowing them to solve problems more easily. Lazulite enhances mental abilities Some uses of Lazulite are: Strengthens self-discipline Increases brain function Helps one focus Makes dreams more vivid and meaningful Helps with headaches, migraines and in recovering…

  • Lemon Quartz Crystal Point


    Lemon Quartz Crystal Point Lemon Quartz (also called green gold) is a beautiful variety of yellow quartz with shades of green that is mined in Brazil. Open creativity and prosperity with a lemon quartz point! Yellow as a color energy signifies creativity, organization, optimism and well-being. Meditation with this lovely crystal point will enhance focus…