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Goethite Geode #110
2" x 1.8" x .8"
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Black, gray


Root Chakra
Sacral Hara Chakra
Third Eye Chakra


Emotional Healing, Artistic creativity, Earth connection


Earth Element

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Goethite meaning

Goethite is a stone that will encourage deep inner journey for connection with the earth, akashic records, discovery of soul life. It is a discovery stone, bring about a consciousness in oneself one's soul plan. It awakens compassion and love.

Grief stone

Goethite is often used by counsellors to assist in getting in touch with one's repressed grief in order to begin healing emotionally.

Artist Stone

Goethite is an excellent stone to enhance creativity in musicians, artists, writers and actors. It opens the way to understanding love, joy, pain, grief.

No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.