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      Galena gemstone meaning

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Silvery Gray




Root Chakra

Compatible Stones with Galena:

Galena gemstone meaning

Galena is a transformation stone. It is effective when embarking on a personal spiritual journey.

Soul-retrieval, past life recall stone

Galena is sometimes used in past life regression therapy as a guide to inner vision. It assists in facing and overcoming one's deepest fears.

Galena is an Earth stone and as such has strong grounding properties:

  • Brings strength, courage and ability to face difficult times
  • Helps one to recover personal power
  • Assists in countering the ill effects of radiation, electromagnetic pollutiion, long hours in front of the computer

Healing properties of Galena

Galena is used by healers to counter infection, protect against radiation, recover from addictions.


Galena is the principle ore of lead. Although lead is normally extremely flexible, the sulfur content of galena makes it extraordinarily brittle and reactive to chemical treatment. Wash hands after handling and do not ingest.

No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.