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      Lazulite Meaning

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Lazulite - From Yukon Territory, Canada

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Wind element


Third Eye Chakra


Inner Vision, Power, Self-discipline

Combine Lazulite with:

  • Iolite
  • Sodalite
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Azurite
  • Phenacite
  • Scolecite
  • Danburite
  • Lazulite meaning

    This highly treasured stone is widely affective in metaphysical practice. Lazulite strengthens one's self-discipline and focus, allowing them to solve problems more easily.

    Lazulite enhances mental abilities

    Some uses of Lazulite are:

    • Strengthens self-discipline
    • Increases brain function
    • Helps one focus
    • Makes dreams more vivid and meaningful
    • Helps with headaches, migraines and in recovering reduced vision
    • Increases one's psychic abilities

    Sources of Lazulite

    Lazulite is found in the countries of Brazil, India, Madagascar, Austria, Sweden, Canada and the United States

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    No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.