Lucky Money Toad


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Good Luck Money Toad

The ancient Chinese revered a mythical creature known as the Chan Chu or “Toad God”. This toad is believed to be bring good luck, prosperity and wealth to its owner. Frogs have traditionally symbolized good luck and prosperity – the coin in the Money Toad’s mouth adds emphasis to wealth.

Place your Money Toad inside your front door facing inwards to deliver wealth to your doorstep!

In a place of business, for best feng shui, the Money Toad should be placed near a cash register or in a wealth corner such as the furthest back left corner of the room or building.

The Chan Chu is said to appear every full moon close to the people who are about to receive good luck regarding money.

If you play Bingo, take your Lucky Money Toad along and place it facing in towards your bingo cards for increased luck while you play.

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2¼" long x 1" tall


Lucky Money, Good Fortune