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      Gemstone Prayer Beads

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Gemstone Prayer Beads

Prayer is a time to protect the mind. When you are ready to allow the noisy world to fade into the background, this is a very good time to pick up your prayer beads and fill your mind with blessed thoughts!

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Gemstone Beads

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Wrist Malas



hematite mala beads
Hematite Wrist Mala

Strength, focus

jasper mala beads
Jasper Wrist Mala

Protection, Healing

aventurine mala beads
Aventurine Wrist Mala

Fortune, Growth, Confidence

moss agate mala beads
Moss Agate Wrist Mala

Stability, Persistence

tiger eye mala beads
Tiger Eye Wrist Mala


fancy jasper mala beads
Fancy Jasper Wrist Mala

Protection, Healing

Amethyst mala beads
Amethyst Wrist Mala

Spiritual advancement

rudraksha mala beads
Rudraksha Wrist Mala


rose quartz mala beads
Rose Quartz Wrist Mala

Love, Gentleness

crystal quartz mala beads
Clear Crystal Wrist Mala

Power, Magic

black quartz mala beads
Black Quartz Wrist Mala

Power, Magic


Full Mala Necklaces



carnelian mala beads
Carnelian & Onyx

Vitality, Inner Strength

lapis mala beads
Lapis Lazuli & Rhodonite

Love, Healing

lapis mala beads
Mixed Tourmaline

Power, Love

lapis mala beads
Green Aventurine

Fortune, Confidence

rose quartz mala beads
Rose Quartz and Lapis

Love, Truth

Quartz and Aventurine mala beads
Quartz and Aventurine


custom bead bracelets
Custom Bead Bracelets

Assorted Stones

gemstone beads
Loose Gemstone Beads

Create your own Mala!

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