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      Green Aventurine Mala bead

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Gemstone Beads - Prayer Beads


Green Aventurine Prayer Bead Necklace


Hematite bead
Green Aventurine Prayer Bead Necklace
108; 8mm beads; 32-36"
Mother of Pearl counters

ships within
48 hours

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21 beads; 8mm beads




Luck, Money, Healing


Heart Chakra


Earth Element

Loose Gemstone Beads

Aventurine Jewelry

Aventurine Prayer Bead Necklace

Buddhist Mala Beads are a valuable meditation tool to focus the mind. Use these beads to assist in removing distraction during your prayers.

  • Count prayers throughout your day
  • Follow your breath during meditation
  • Use them in rhythm with a mantra

Prayer Mala Beads are used for short meditations, and to count daily prayers. Use them as a lesson reminder throughout your day.

Aventurine stimulates vitality, growth and confidence.

Green Aventurine prayer bead necklace with 108 beads which includes sterling silver spacers, Mother of Pearl counters, and a silk tassle.

Prayer is a time to protect the mind. When you are ready to allow the noisy world to fade into the background, this is a very good time to pick up your prayer beads and fill your mind with blessed thoughts!

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